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  1. Project title: Effects of forest management on woodcock and associated avian wildlife in southern New England forests. A research assistantship is available at the M.Sc. or Ph.D. level to study the distribution and abundance of wild birds associated with early successional forests in southern New England and to develop a forest management plan for enhancing such wildlife. Selected species of songbird and gamebird that prefer early successional habitats will be censused to determine how forest management type and history influences their occurrence. An ongoing radiotelemetry study will b
  2. 2nd Call for Abstracts and Register Now! Call for workshop or associated meeting requests 14th North American Arctic Goose Conference Lincoln, Nebraska, Embassy Suites, March 14-17, 2018. Prepare and submit your abstracts and plan to attend the North American Arctic Goose Conference and Workshop, the premier meeting for bringing together waterfowl managers, conservationists, students, and researchers with an interest and passion for geese. Once a small meeting involving only those working with in snow geese has evolved to an international meeting addressing conservation and ma
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