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  1. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will be conducting surveys for secretive marsh birds across large wetland complexes in northwestern Pennsylvania, monitoring bird communities in prescribed fire locations, and working on conservation projects with the Allegheny Bird Conservation Alliance. The Avian Technician will work together with other WPC staff in the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program to accomplish goals outlined in the specified projects, WPC’s strategic plan, and/or the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program Operating Plan. Job Description: The Avian Technician will conduct off-r
  2. I am looking for some guidance on producing density and population estimates from a point count dataset for about a dozen grassland bird species while linking relationships to a suite of habitat data. I had intended to use package 'detect', adapting previously used code, but in light of a recent paper by Solymos et al. 2018, it does not seem appropriate for these data, as all species have fewer than the 1000 detection sample size suggested by Solymos. So I have been struggling to determine whether using a function in the package 'unmarked' is appropriate or if I should be looking to progr
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