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  1. Mary P. Wright, age 76, of Gilsum, New Hampshire passed away on Monday, July 19, 2021. Mary was born January 13, 1945. She had been a bander at the Appledore Island Migration Station since 1987. She wrote of her time on Appledore, "In 1985 I went to Appledore for a bird study weekend and was fascinated by the bird banding operation. Decided I had to learn more ... maybe I could find someone in southern New Hampshire who was banding sparrows or whatever. Within a week of getting home I got a flyer from the Bronx Zoo saying a group of volunteers was going to Patagonia to band penguins and would
  2. ScienceFriday hosting a Wednesday night trivia contest. Tune in tomorrow @8:30 p.m. for bird nerd trivia with ornithologists Juita Martinez (dinosaur floofologist) and Jordan Rutter (co-founder of Bird Names for Birds). https://www.sciencefriday.com/articles/scifri-virtual-trivia-night/
  3. Ornithologist Alejandra Echeverri has been nominated for the Pritzger Emerging Environmental Genius Award, Dr. Echeverri, a conservation scientist at Stanford, has a B.Sc. degree in biology from Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), an M.Sc. in resource management and environmental studies from University of British Columbia (UBC, Canada), and a Ph.D. in resources, environment and sustainability (UBC, Canada). She worked as a tropical ornithologist in environmental consulting firms in Colombia (Plyma S.A. and AmbientalMente). Dr. Echeverri also volunteered to do sustainable develop
  4. https://obits.columbian.com/us/obituaries/columbian/name/erick-campbell-obituary?pid=199201494 Erick George Campbell, 73, of Vancouver, WA, passed away March 31, 2021, of organ failure. He was born, in his words, “Twelve-Eleven-Forty-Seven” (December 11, 1947) in La Mesa, CA, to Brent and Rita Campbell, and was a proud La Mesan and Helix High School graduate for his entire adult life. At Helix, he had a good career as a wrestler and football player. A lifelong birder, he studied at Humboldt State University and made his career in Wildlife Biology, focusing at various moment
  5. https://careers-audubon.icims.com/jobs/4701/boreal-conservation-specialist/job?fbclid=IwAR2mqWKUE9a7ZrlwYkBI55y_Ld5hL6fP07ro2o9NUafky3ouPxwIJHDtIXA&mobile=false&width=1150&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240 (includes To Apply link) Position Summary The Boreal Conservation Specialist will be a key member of the national science team and will primarily work with the International Alliances Program (IAP) Boreal Conservation Initiative. The Boreal Conservation Initiative’s goals are to increase awareness of and support
  6. M.S. opportunity Evaluating Wintering Waterfowl Habitat Use on Wetland Reserves Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle School of Renewable Natural Resources Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA Start Date: Fall 2021 Project Description: This project will use an unmanned aerial vehicle and thermal imaging camera to assess wintering waterfowl habitat use of wetland reserve easements in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. The goal is to develop best practices for detecting and counting ducks in the bottomland hardwood forests that characterize this region. This will i
  7. https://journalstar.com/news/local/education/he-just-loved-sharing-knowledge----family-colleagues-remember-renowned-ornithologist-paul-johnsgard/article_3c14ada2-fa51-5892-9031-8269b72bf149.html Paul Johnsgard, the renowned ornithologist who authored more than 100 books on birds, ecology and natural history, remained a prolific writer until his death Friday. The emeritus professor of biological sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who was known to birdwatchers worldwide as an authority on cranes and pheasants, was 89. With his latest book — "S Is f
  8. https://www.nrem.iastate.edu/ We are seeking applications for 1-2 Master’s of Science graduate assistantships to work together on a collaborative research project between Ducks Unlimited and Iowa State University examining wildlife use of wetlands created or restored for water quality in Iowa. The students will work together on the project examining wetland use among breeding ducks, marshbirds, and other wetland-dependent birds in Iowa wetlands during two summer field seasons in 2022 and 2023. Field work will involve surveying wetlands with point count surveys and unmanned aerial v
  9. https://mailchi.mp/amplifythefuture.org/scholarship-for-birders-in-stem
  10. Apply here. Position Summary The Director of Conservation will lead the development of landscape level conservation objectives for the implementation of Audubon’s priority conservation strategies in Vermont for the benefit of birds and the places they need to thrive. They will be responsible for leading the Vermont conservation team in achieving the science driven conservation objectives of the National Audubon Society (NAS) with a particular focus on working lands and forests; specifically leading forest protection and stewardship efforts, as part of Audubon’s Healthy Forests
  11. Dear Colleagues, Most of you have probably heard about the explosive eruptions of La Soufriere Volcano on St. Vincent. They began on April 9th and have continued almost daily. The dome collapsed on April 12th and pyroclastic flows began. The volcano is decimating nearby towns, agriculture, and rivers, and has blanketed the entire country in ash. Right now the country is dealing with the humanitarian crises—evacuating people out of the danger zone and making sure that evacuees and all other residents have access to clean water and shelter. We have been in t
  12. Description The Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit is based out of the University of Florida in Gainesville and oversees several ongoing wetland-related research projects. We are seeking a highly motivated technician to assist with monitoring of Snail Kites in Florida. The fieldwork involves the extensive use and operation of airboats. Applicants must be willing to work long, flexible hours while maintaining a positive attitude in a hot, humid environment; some days involve working from sunrise to sunset. All of the necessary training will be provided, including airboat o
  13. Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Population Ecology and Interactions with Shorebirds on Fire Island, New York Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Many studies have shown that predation is a key determinant of piping plover reproductive output, and predator management often is used to improve piping plover breeding success. The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a key predator in a number of piping plover nesting areas. Despite the recognition that predator management is an important part of piping plover management along the entire U.S. coast, there still are many gaps in our knowledge o
  14. https://wfscjobs.tamu.edu/jobs/post-doctoral-researcher-florida/ I am seeking applicants for an 18 month post-doctoral fellow position at the University of Florida in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation program and the Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, to start in May 2021 (or soon thereafter). The Post-doc will primarily focus on developing a prioritization plan for the US Fish and Wildlife southeast regional bird conservation effort. In response to recent published research that North America has lost up to 3 Billion birds in the last 50 years the FWS wants t
  15. The artificial light at night Postdoctoral Researcher will be responsible for processing, analyzing, and synthesizing radar, community science, and remote sensing data through peer reviewed publication on the impacts of artificial light on migration bird land use and flight patterns. The post-doc will work closely with PI Horton (CSU) and Co-I Henebry (Michigan State University). Lead the primary organization, processing, and integration of weather surveillance radar and community science data. Facilitate the linkage of these data layers with remote sensing products in an effort to charac
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