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  1. Does OWL still exist? If so, can you please provide the updated link/names? Thanks
  2. Myself and colleagues Auriel Fournier and Kevin Burgio are in the early stages of compiling a database for informing an API which will visualize (map) the bird conservation and management network in the U.S. The project is tentatively called USAvian, and is currently hosted on GitHub. An overview of the project goals and anticipated database and map features can be found at the link above, or here. We will actively seek feedback throughout development of this database and API, but are especially interested in identifying the community's first impressions and needs for such a tool/visualization. How to share feedback: Reply to this forum topic Post an issue on the GitHub repository Email Jessica (jburnett.at.usgs.dot.gov) Ph: 3032024082 We are looking forward to work together to build a tool which will simultaneously provide a clear picture of the state of bird conservation and management in the U.S. and promote interactions among and awareness of various conservation and management groups in this region.
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