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  • Rainforest Biodiversity Group Small Grants Program

    Melanie Colón

    Primary Purpose: Rainforest Biodiversity Group (RBG) has opened our small grant program to provide funding for projects that lead to the conservation of biodiversity within the Neotropics. This fund is available to graduate students and 501c3 non-profit organizations or equivalent and can be species-specific (flora or fauna) or site-specific work. The grant may be used to support scientific research (both quantitative and qualitative), environmental education, sustainable economic development (eco-tourism, e.g.) and other conservation activities provided that the applicant can demonstrate how the project will support and protect biodiversity or its habitat and help Rainforest Biodiversity Group complete its mission. In recognition that $2000 is not likely to fund a project in its entirety, prioritization for funding will go to the project that can demonstrate that the funds from this small grant program will be of critical importance to the completion and successful implementation of a project that is providing value for wildlife habitat, or wildlife conservation. This grant does not require matching funds of any kind, but it will be to the applicant’s advantage to show that these funds are being complemented by counterpart funding (either cash or in-kind) or that the funds can be leveraged for further funding from another source.


    mount and Term of Grant: For 2013, up to $2000 is available. Applicants may apply for the full amount, but might only be funded in part. Funds are to be used within one year. Successful applicants must provide a six-month progress report to RBG as well as a final report upon completion of project.


    Geographic location: RBG will fund projects that lead to the protection of wildlife or wildlife habitat within tropical wet or rain forests (as defined by Holdridge, 1947) in the Neotropics (South and Central America, the Mexican lowlands, the Caribbean Islands, and southern Florida). At this moment RBG cannot fund projects in Cuba.


    What types of projects are funded: Scientific research (qualitative or quantitative), environmental education, sustainable economic development projects (eco-tourism, e.g.) or other conservation activities that can demonstrate benefit to the conservation of wildlife or their habitat and help Rainforest Biodiversity Group complete its mission. RBG will be evaluating projects not only on their technical merit, but also on their environmental and social ramifications. RBG is looking for proposals that have some or all of the following characteristics:


    Include clear measures of success

    State reasonable goals and objectives

    Consider how local people or surrounding communities might potentially be involved or benefit from your project

    Have counter-part funding or show that these funds could be leveraged for further funding

    Demonstrate the critical importance of these funds for project completion and implementation

    Are being done in conjunction with partners or partner organizations (particularly local)

    Qualifications: Applicants must prove they are students at an accredited university, or are officially registered as a non-profit organization or association (official papers may be requested). Applicants must demonstrate their ability to achieve demonstrable results within the term of this grant program.


    Funding Restrictions: RBG will only fund graduate students or non-profit organizations. Projects must demonstrate that they occur in project areas that occur in wet or rain forest habitat in the Americas or Neotropics and benefit wildlife or wildlife habitat. RBG cannot fund projects in Cuba. Additionally, this grant cannot be used for the purchase of land, involuntary resettlement of people including displacement of land uses or impeding access to traditional uses of natural resources, or activities that negatively affect physical cultural resources, including those important to local communities.

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