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  • Ohio Avian Initiative Project

    Melanie Colón

    According to the American Bird Conservancy, numerous studies have shown an alarming decline in migratory songbirds and that “populations of once-common migratory birds such as the Cerulean Warbler have declined by 82% and the Rusty Blackbird has declined by over 90%.” How should the Kirtland Bird Club (KBC), with a mission dedicated to “the serious study of ornithology” respond?


    One approach was suggested by Scott Weidensaul, who in his “A Brief History of American Birding” wrote that his hope “for the future is a fusion of the science of birds with the love of chasing them, the best of the ornithologist and the lister, with a vehement commitment to avian well-being binding those approaches together.”


    Recognizing the desire of the KBC membership to increase knowledge of birds in Ohio and refusing to stand by while our modern day Passenger Pigeons pass the way of that once-common species, the Kirtland Bird Club is happy to announce the launch of an annual funding program called the “Ohio Avian Project Initiative”. This program will provide annual support of grants from $250 to $1,000 to avian research, education and conservation projects in the state of Ohio. Preference will be given to projects that focus on bird species designated as “species of concern” by state and national organizations. Appointed by KBC president Lisa Chapman, a five member committee will be responsible for soliciting appropriate projects, reviewing proposals and making funding recommendations to the KBC membership for a vote every March.

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