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Smart intruders find ways to escape city trappings

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A trapped Indian myna. Photo: Kate Leith
They're nearly as cunning as crows but thanks to trapping in Canberra, only the really smart ones have survived. An action group has trapped 45,000 Indian mynas since 2006, but they are spreading elsewhere. Invasive and adaptive, they have been catching ferries to Tasmania.


So the man who declared war on them in 2006, Bill Handke, is bringing the big guns to Canberra on Wednesday, including a researcher who has studied the myna's intelligence, adaptability and risk aversion.


Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/smart-intruders-find-ways-to-escape-city-trappings-20130618-2oh6t.html#ixzz2Wb1IdVzY

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