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Broken Wings - Conserving Birds in Nepal

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Republica (Nepal)--


Despite covering 0.01 percent of the total landmass of the world, Nepal boasts of around 8 percent of the total bird species in the world. Although thorough research and enumeration of birds in Nepal have not been performed, available statistics and study point to a decreasing number of bird species in Nepal.

The most recent study by Bird Conservation Nepal, in 2010, showed that 17 percent (149) of the bird species in Nepal are threatened, and 99 of the other species have been listed as critically endangered or endangered at the national level. Compared to the previous study of 2004, 21 species of birds were added to the list of critically endangered, and 6 to the endangered list in 2010. Similarly, the list of threatened birds had increased to 149 in 2010 from 133 species in 2004, and the number of vulnerable had reached 47. 

Recent news reported that bird species such as comb duck, a rare resident bird whose last breeding was reported in 1992 in Ghodaghodi Lake, pale-headed woodpecker which was last sighted in 1982 in Sukhani jungle of Jhapa district, and white-hooded babbler which was once found in abundance about two decades ago, presently number only a handful. Seven species of birds are believed to be extinct.


Read more: http://www.myrepublica.com/portal/index.php?action=news_details&news_id=55971

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