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Joint Venture Flex-Fund Request for Proposals (RFP): Improving the Science Foundation for Bird Conservation (Deadline: November 11, 2011)

Chris Merkord

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From the Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership:


The goal of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Joint Venture (JV) Office is to assist partners in implementing effective science-based bird conservation projects in the Prairie Pothole (PPJV) and Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes (UMRGLJV) Joint Venture regions. Each JV has an Implementation Plan and conservation strategies identifying bird habitat, monitoring, and research needs with an emphasis on JV focal species. These plans can be found at www.ppjv.org and www.uppermissgreatlakesjv.org.


Both JV Implementation Plans identify priority evaluation needs to fill information gaps and test assumptions used in plan development. Proposals for monitoring and applied research that improve JV conservation decision tools at larger scales (e.g., Bird Conservation Region) will be given higher grant priority. In addition, projects to address conservation priorities in State Wildlife Action Plans (http://wildlifeactionplans.org), and for JV focal species, should be highlighted. Proposals related to coordination, outreach, planning, and habitat restoration / enhancement contributing toward goals identified in the JV plans will also be considered. All submissions should explain how the outcome of proposed projects is regional in scope.


Lists of specific research and monitoring priorities are documented in JV plans and available at above listed JV websites. The following themes are prominent in the recently completed UMRGLJV Implementation Plan: 1) Test model assumptions and build / refine models predicting how populations of priority breeding species (JV focal species) respond to habitat change; 2) Improve understanding of migration and wintering habitat selection, migration chronology, and human influences on migrating and wintering bird populations to better predict habitat needs and target conservation areas; 3) Assess bird densities and vital rates relative to estimates used in JV models predicting carrying capacity for breeding birds in quality habitats; and 4) evaluate habitat carrying capacity for priority migrating and wintering bird populations (JV focal species and guilds).


All proposals should have a minimum 1:1 match of non-Federal dollars to Joint Venture request, and the partners providing match must be identified. Each proposal must include: applicant contact information, a detailed scope of work, proposed project timeline, a budget table identifying partners and match, a task timeline, and project-cost details. Upon completion, a professional project report with abstract, detailed background, methods, results, and discussion / management implications is required within six months, and annual interim reports are required for multiple-year projects. Though “out-year” (future) funding for multi-year projects cannot be guaranteed, continued funding of multiple-year projects will be conditionally approved once they are first selected. Progress reports, updated budgets, and requests for continued funding on multi-year proposals should be submitted to the Joint Venture Coordinator annually under this RFP.


Proposed projects requiring funding from multiple sources to meet anticipated costs should clearly identify all funding sources. Questions specific to this funding program should be directed to Region 3 Joint Venture Coordinator Barbara Pardo (phone 612-713-5433). You are encouraged to discuss proposal ideas with UMRGLJV Science Coordinator Greg Soulliere (phone 517-351-4214) or PPJV HAPET Leader Rex Johnson (phone 218-736-0606; see also HAPET website: http://www.fws.gov/midwest/hapet/Monitoring.html). Completed proposals should be submitted electronically to Grants.gov and Barbara_Pardo@fws.gov no later than 11 November 2011; progress reports for ongoing projects are also due on this date. Applicants are required to submit a completed standard SF-424 form, Application for Federal Assistance, along with their proposal. This form with instructions can be found at Grants.gov. You may also locate this announcement on Grants.gov under Funding Opportunity Number: FWS-R3-JV11-1. 

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