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2013 Wilson Ornithological Society Research Awards

Jameson Chace

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Please congratulate the following winners of the 2013 Wilson Ornithological Society's Research Awards:



For the George A. Hall/Harold F. Mayfield Award.  This award, formerly known as the Margaret Morse Nice Award, is limited to independent researchers without access to funds and facilities available at colleges, universities, or governmental agencies; it is restricted to non-professionals, including high school students. Any kind of avian research is eligible.


2013 winner:  William Clark

Interbreeding between Harlan's Hawk (taxon harlani) and Red-tailed Hawk (taxon jamaicensis) in western Canada


For the Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award, the Wilson Ornithological Society’s most prestigious award is available to all ornithologists, 2013 winners are:


Andrew Rush, UC-Berkley (advisor: Dr. Rauri Bowie)

The role of innate song in species recognition in a clade of Empidonax flycatchers.


Karen Odom, University of Maryland (advisor: Dr. Kevin E. Omland)

Why duet? A comparison of female songs and duets in a tropical songbird



For the Paul A. Stewart Awards, awards available to all avian researchers with preference given to proposals for studies of bird movements based on banding, radio or satellite telemetry (or similar methods), or with an emphasis on economic ornithology, the 2013 winners are:


Amanda Arredondo, Villanova University (Advisor: Robert Curry)

Songs along the border: responses to playback at and beyond the leading edge of the northward-moving hybrid zone between Black-capped and Carolina chickadees


Sarah Baillie, Villanova University (Advisor: Robert Curry)

Boldness in Response to Predatory Threat and its Correlation with Reproductive Success in Carolina Chickadees


Christine Eldredge, Villanova University (Advisor: Robert Curry)

Parental attentiveness, dominance ranking, and feeding patterns in Carolina Chickadees (Poecile carolinensis): field study of components of songbird behavior.


Jason Fischer, University of Illinois- Urbana/Champaign (advisor: James Miller)

The impact of urbanization on daily feeding activity: a test of foraging theory


Morgan Harris, Appalachian State University (advisor: Dr. Lynn Siefferman)

The influence of competition on the expression of personality traits, assortative mating, and reproductive success: an experimental field study


William Lewis, University of Southern Mississippi (advisor: Frank Moore)

Response of gut microbiota to long-distance passerine migration


Henry Pollock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (advisor: Jeffrey Brawn)

Avian Microclimate Selectivity and Climate Change: A Comparative Approach


 Alex Wang, University of Hawaii, Hilo (Advisor: Patrick Hart)

Source and Sink or Ecological trap? Using Juvenile Dispersal of an Endangered Hawaiian Bird to Tell the Difference



On behalf of the Research Awards committee, we thank all 139 applicants and wish everyone success in their research.  We also look forward to another round of very strong proposals next year. In 2014 will have these same awards and, in addition, a new award that will promote mentoring of undergraduate research in ornithology.


Jameson F. Chace

Chair, WOS Research Awards Committee

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