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Heron Biology and Conservation in the Neotropics

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Dear ornithologists from the Neotropics,


Heron Conservation is a network of biologists, conservationists, and other people interested in

research and conservation of herons (Ardeidae). All NeoOrners interested in this fascinating bird

group now can visit www.heronconservation.org, where a wealth of information, always updated, is

available. You may contribute with your own short reports on herons by writing to Jim Kushlan, who

is also the chairman of the IUCN Species Specialist Group on Herons. To publish formal papers on

herons, you may consider The Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation, a peer reviewed, on-line,

open-access journal. The format of both contributions is available at www.heronconservation.org,

but you may write directly to Jim Kushlan to HeronSpecialistGroup@earthlink.net


I also wish to mention that I am updating an article published in the 2000 year in the book Heron

Conservation (Academic Press, London). THis book was edited by Jim Kushlan and the late Heinz

Hafner. Regarding this updating, I wish to ask for your help with information on the status of heron

populations and (actual or probable) threats on them in Neotropical countries. Data or reports on

heron habitats will much appreciated, too. Data of interest may be in any format, and by no means

is limited to typical research papers. I will be pleased in acknowledwing any help. I will be pleased

in sending you a copy of my book chapter on request.


Thank you all,


luis gonzalo morales



Instituto de Zoología y Ecología Tropical

Universidad Central de Venezuela - Caracas

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