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Adélie Penguins Cope With Climate Change

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David Ainley and Jean Pennycook are studying Adélie Penguins in Antarctica to learn how they may adapt to climate change. Ainley is looking closely at the "superbreeders" among the penguins for clues. Credit: Gwendolyn Morgan, National Science Foundation
Facing the future: it all depends on sea ice.

For decades, David Ainley, a National Science Foundation-funded researcher with the ecological consulting firm H.T. Harvey and Associates, has studied Adélie penguins in Antarctica. Ainley says the birds appear to be coping in different ways in response to climate change, but there is one question that begs an answer: What are their overall chances of survival?

In 2009, Ainley, a long-term polar researcher, received a five-year NSF grant to conduct research on how penguin populations cope with climate change and on how individual birds cope. He especially wanted to know why some penguins succeed in coping with climate change while others do not, and what qualities successful birds have.

More at http://www.nsf.gov/d...T.mc_id=USNSF_1

This is an NSF Discoveries item.
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