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North Star Science and Technology Transmitter Grant Program 2013

Chris Merkord

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North Star Science and Technology, LLC and American Bird Conservancy announce the 8th bi-annual North Star Science and Technology Transmitter Grant Program. In the spirit of giving back to the research community that they serve, North Star will award a total of eight (8) battery-powered or solar satellite transmitters (Argos Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs)), to 1-3 recipients (8 PTTs to one project or 4 PTTs to each of two projects, or 4 to one, 2 to one, and 2 to another). PTTs are powerful, cutting-edge tools for the study of bird migration that greatly extend the range over which individual birds can be tracked. In a parallel grant program, new this year, North Star will also award a total of eight (8) of their new Cellular Transmitter Terminals, or CTTs, to winning projects. CTTs, while similar to PTTs, operate exclusively through the GSM cellular networks and thus are appropriate for use in areas that have fairly reliable cellular coverage. Both programs are open to projects throughout the world. Research that contributes to our knowledge of avian biology and that provides data useful for bird conservation, particularly of threatened species, will receive preference in the selection process. American Bird Conservancy (http://www.abcbirds.org) will handle the proposal submission process, review proposals, and select the winning projects. Please see http://www.northstarst.com for more information and proposal guidelines. Deadline for proposals is 15 Apr 2013. Any further questions about the program can be directed to GEORGE E. WALLACE, American Bird Conservancy (EM:gwallace@abcbirds.org; PH: 540-253-5780; FX: 540-253-5782).

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