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Exporting data to Excel


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First you get the data into a text file. You can set up Termite to log to a text file or you can just download all the data, select it all (cntl - A), copy it (cntl - c), and paste it into a text doc or word doc (cntl - v). Edit the file if you wish (delete the non-data stuff), and save the data as a text doc. Open a blank excel document (or if you are appending data, open an existing file). Select the cell where you want the data to go. From the top menu, select through Data - Get External Data - Import Text File. Then select the txt file and tell excel that you have a space delineated file.


That's one way to do it.


Thanks for using the forum.

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Hi Danifreund. Thanks for using the forum. 


I Don't use excel much anymore unless I really need to pour through the data line by line. My typical routine now is to decompress data using a loop in R, visualize the data for a sanity check, and then proceed with whatever analysis. The result of decompression is a simple text file that's pretty easy to store. I used to use Excel to do the decompression but the spreadsheets would get unwieldy. 

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