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Archive of bird sounds now digitized!

Mike Webster

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The Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds is now digitized and fully accessible! The Library of Natural Sounds was started in 1929, with the first-ever recordings of birds in nature (a song sparrow recorded in an Ithaca city park!), but throughout much of its history the recordings were stored in analog format (e.g, tapes). A massive effort to digitize the archive was initiated in 2000, and now after 12 years of work we are happy to announce that the digitization project is complete! This means that the entire ML archive is open to the world: over 7,500 hours (or 313 days!) of recordings of nearly 9,000 different species (with a strong focus on birds but also other taxa as well). You can search for and listen to audio recordings (and also watch video) at the ML website: http://macaulaylibrary.org/. To see the press release about completion of the digitization project, go here.

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