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New Online Resources For California Bird Species Of Special Concern

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The California Department of Fish and Game and PRBO Conservation Science are very pleased to present a new California Bird Species of Special Concern (BSSC) website http://data.prbo.org/apps/bssc/. The site provides access to the 2008 BSSC monograph, species accounts, and other supporting information. Most importantly however, the site allows users to:


  • Suggest specific criteria score changes for any taxa originally nominated
  • Nominate and score new taxa for consideration
  • Upload materials (reports, publications, etc.) that support the suggested changes
  • Download the full BSSC dataset

Hence, this is your opportunity to suggest score changes and potentially influence the next revision of the California Bird Species of Special Concern. Please register and give it a try.


The website has other cool features as well:


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