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North American Banding Council Certification Course

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The Eastern Bird Banding Association is scheduling its next North American

Banding Council (NABC) certification session for landbirds at the Bander

level for up to six candidates seeking or already possessing a U.S. or

Canadian banding permit or subpermit; and at the Trainer level for up to

three candidates who have already achieved NABC Bander certification. The

session is scheduled for 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2011 at Braddock Bay Bird

Observatory (BBBO) near Rochester, NY. Applications may be obtained from and

submitted, no later than 15 Aug, to Elizabeth W. Brooks, 5540 Jericho

Hill Road, Alfred Station, NY 14803; email:

brookser@earthlink.net; phone:



NABC manuals are available from the NABC website at


Accepted candidates will be notified no later than 27 Aug. Those seeking

Bander certification are encouraged to contact an NABC Trainer (see

website) as early as possible to proctor the written exam portion of the

certification prior to coming to BBBO; however, for those not able to do so, the

exam may be taken at BBBO by prior arrangement. Passing the examination is

required in order to do the Bander field evaluation at BBBO.


Trainer candidates who have previously passed Bander certification

need not retake this written exam if their grade was 90 or better. Persons not

yet Bander certified may apply for both the Bander and Trainer

candidate positions being offered and will be evaluated for Trainer based

on first passing the Bander certification at this session and a written exam

score of 90 or better.


Anthony HillChair, Certification CommitteeNorth American Banding Councilanhinga13@hotmail.com




archives and subscription options can be found at:


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