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Seeking volunteer collaborators for a study of avian window strikes

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Seeking volunteer collaborators for a study of avian window strikes.  10 June 2024

Avian window strikes are a major source of mortality.  Many strikes occur at residential windows, where monitoring is difficult.  Typical monitoring relies on counts of fallen birds beneath windows, missing strikes where birds fly off, possibly to die later, and where scavengers remove fallen birds.  For these and many other reasons there are too few data to determine what interventions are most effective at reducing bird strikes.

We have developed a sensor that attaches to a window and logs bird strikes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Preliminary testing indicates a high reliability of detecting strikes.

We are seeking volunteers to assist with this testing.  We have about 20 more units to deploy for testing.

These are the circumstances we seek for this level of testing:

·      A fixed window where bird strikes are known to occur and at the time of testing without protective interventions (like netting). 

·      A window that will have minimal human activity that could cause vibrations--  e.g., not beside a door that is slammed or where a pet would make contact with the glass.

·      A window with a 120v power outlet within six feet where a small power supply could be plugged in for the duration of the).

·      A home wifi the unit can log into (only for the purpose of setting the internal clock for time-stamping events)

·      A collaborator willing to undertake the minimal activities listed below.


These are the minimal activities required by a collaborator (detailed instructions will be provided):

·      Install the units- affixing a sensor about the size of a half dollar coin near the bottom center of the window; plug in the unit and format the unit to access your home wifi (just for setting the time stamp).  I can do this in advance if the provided the wifi name and password.

·      Collect some descriptive data about the window, e.g., measure window size, compass orientation, digital photo from the outside looking at the window and one inside looking out, etc.

·      Download data  (USB A thumbdrive provided) and email it to me. 

·      Willingness to return the unit (we will provide prepaid shipping) if asked, or if you can no longer participate for any reason. 

This level of testing we hope will set the stage for a much broader distribution where we can obtain reliable data on window strikes under real life circumstances across the country and throughout the year. 

If you are interested in acting as a first phase collaborator or have quetions, please email :



 please put “testing” in the subject line.




Andrew L. Mack, Ph.D.

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