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Seeking recording of Australian birds


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I am looking for a recording of Australian bird vocalizations in CD or other digital format.  Such collections seem to have become extinct, or at least endangered.  I have been unable to find anything covering the whole country nor even large sections.

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Hi Kenneth,

There's a website called Birds in Backyards (administered by Birdlife Australia I believe) that has a good listing of Australian bird calls for an example see: https://www.birdsinbackyards.net/birds/featured/Top-40-Bird-Songs

You can find Youtube videos by Wild Ambience for bird recordings, also visit Graeme Chapman's website for a good list https://www.graemechapman.com.au/resources/bird-calls.php , iNaturalist Australia has Aust bird sounds too https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/australian-bird-sounds

David Stewart and Fred van Gessel have produced CDs of bird calls, their recordings are also online (Fred's recordings are also used on the Birds in Backyards website)

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,


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Thank you, Leah.  I have found and purchased David Stewart's MP3 collection of some 725 species of Australian birds for Android phones (on the Google Play Store app).  It looks (and sounds!) very good and will serve my purposes very nicely.

All the best,


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