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EOU Fledlings Meeting in Prague (Czech Republic) / 22-24 March, 2024

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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing comitte, I would like to inform you about the upcoming European conference for young ornithologists - EOU Fledglings Meeting 2024 in Prague (more information at fledglings.cz) at the end of March (22-24 March; more information at fledglings.cz).

I would be grateful if you consider registering or spreading the information about the conference and the registration open until 20 January among (your) students.

The European Ornithologists' Union (EOU) is the umbrella society for bird researchers across Europe, and the Fledglings Meetings is an offshoot of this society that represents students - undergraduate, masters and PhD (but also fresh postdocs). EOU's long-standing emphasis is on bridging the gap between eastern and western Europe, and we therefore aim to make the conference both affordable and geographically accessible to young researchers across Europe. The conference in Prague will follow the very successful (in terms of number of participants and quality of contributions) conferences in Vienna, Turin and Debrecen.

The organizing team is trying to make the conference interesting and we already have two very interesting international keynote speakers – Frédéric Jiguet and Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar (programme). Participants will have the opportunity to present their research, but especially to network and possibly collaborate with peers and leading experts.

Please consider registration and disseminate this information among friends and colleagues.

Thank you in advance.

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