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We are happy to announce that our bird banding training opportunities at the Un poco del Chocó Nature Reserve in the Ecuadorian montane rainforest are finally back with the 3rd workshop and our very first NABC certification session in Ecuador!!

Workshop November 2 - 6, 2023

The objective of our 5-day intensive workshop is to hone banding skills, practice ageing and sexing techniques of wild birds in the hand, as well as their safe handling and extraction from mist nets. Lectures will focus on the ethics and safety of banding as well as on the analysis of molt cycles and patterns with the WRP system.

Individuals who are new to bird banding will learn the basics of scientific bird banding and avian monitoring techniques, while those who already possess some banding skills will be able to advance their comprehension of molt strategies, ageing and sexing techniques of birds in the hand.

Certification Session November 8 - 10, 2023

The NABC certification session is aimed at people who already have extensive experience in handling and identifying birds, setting up mist nets and operating a banding station, as well as additional knowledge of the protocols established by the NABC banding guidelines and manuals. Preference for certification will be given to Ecuadorian applicants. For more information on expectations and the certification process please read here and visit the NABC website.

An optional birding trip on November 7 can be organized!

Workshop instructors are certified NABC trainers Holly Garrod (Birds Caribbean) and Nicole Büttner (Un poco del Chocó)


Workshop only: 950 USD Intl. // 350 USD Ecuadorians*

Certification only: 200 USD

Workshop & Certification:

1150 USD // 550 USD Ecuadorians

Registration deadline: September 28, 2023

Selected participants will be notified on October 2nd and must pay the registration fee no later than October 12th.

For more information on expectations and the certification process, please contact raavecuador@gmail.com or visit https://www.unpocodelchoco.com/nabc-workshop !

Apply here!!




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