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Hummingbird Banding Supplies

Claire Ramos

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Hi All,

I'm looking to purchase supplies for making hummingbird bands, a hummingbird leg gauge, and hummingbird pliers. Sadly, Lee Rogers, the man who made many of these supplies, passed away last year and I haven't been able to find a source for new supplies. I would appreciate any leads anyone has on used supplies. Thanks!!

-Claire Ramos

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Kyle Shepherd of Banding Coalition of the Americas makes hummingbird banding pliers and is getting into making band formers as well. I believe you can purchase band cutters from Phil Arpke (arpke.design<at>gmail.com). You can acquire the bands pre-stripped from the BBL these days but I know there are hummingbird banders with shear brakes who are willing to cut strips for others as well. I'm not sure about sourcing a hummingbird tarsus gauge but maybe others will know! Have you joined the humband listserv? I think that is probably the best way to get a lot of good intel from hummingbird banders

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