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BirdLife International is seeking input for the 2013 IUCN Red List update

Chris Merkord

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Dear all,


BirdLife International is seeking input for the 2013 IUCN Red List update via the Globally Threatened Bird Forums.


BirdLife invites you to participate in an online consultation process to discuss proposed revisions to the global threat status (i.e. IUCN Red List category of extinction risk) for selected species in each region or relevant to each taxonomic specialist group.


New discussion topics have recently been posted.


BirdLife International is collaborating with Lynx Edicions (publishers of the Handbook of the Birds of the World) on the production of a new checklist, which will form the basis for BirdLife’s assessments of the status of the world’s birds. In preparation for the checklist, the criteria described by Tobias et al. (2010) for defining species limits, are being applied to potential splits and lumps, at first for non-passerines, such that the 2013 Red List will include numerous taxonomic changes.


In addition to forum topics on currently recognised species for which we have received new information, a large number of forum topics are being posted this year to solicit comments on the status of newly defined species that are thought to qualify as Globally Threatened or Near Threatened, as well as presumed Least Concern species resulting from the same changes. Many of these have been posted already, with more to be posted during the next two months at least. Please visit the forums to review the topics listed under your regions and taxonomic groups of expertise. We would be very grateful for comments on the proposed status assessments. Do please post comments in support of proposals as well as corrections and additional information.


Globally Threatened Bird **(GTB) Forums website


All forums can be found at www.birdlife.org/globally-threatened-bird-forums.


For instant access to your specific region follow links below:

Please read the welcome and instruction pages for more details.


Thank you very much in advance for your help. We look forward to receiving your contributions via the web forum* **before 21 January 2013*. For further information, contact Andy Symes, Global Species Programme Officer (andy.symes@birdlife.org).


Many thanks to all,

Arne Lesterhuis

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