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FLightR Questions

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I have several questions regarding FLightR that I have not been able to find the answer too, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I am using MIgratech Integeos. 

1.) My subject species breeds at about 300 m however is know to over winter at about 1500 m. Is there anyway I can account for this? As it appears that about half of my data sets end up far east of where we know they occur. I have tried to make calibration, with no success.

2.) For some of my clock drifted data sets (those that were automatically adjusted during offload) they still appear to have clock drift during the calibration periods. The location points appear to be going in a NNW direction, like a pearl necklace. 

3.) When i am setting the spatial grid, is there anyway I can exclude what is know as unsuitable habitat on land?

4.) Is BAStag okay to use to edit the twilight prior to importing into FLightR?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


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