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Iboc 2022

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We are delighted to present to you the opportunity to support the fourth International Bird Observatory Conference (IBOC)!  In 2022 IBOC will be in Veracruz, Mexico a supreme location due to the raptor bird migration every spring and autumn. We invite you to become a sponsor of the IBOC and be part of this international event.


The objectives of bird observatories around the world are to assess the needs of birds, use that assessment to educate a variety of different audiences, and ultimately support wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation. Because of this, most observatories are located at strategic points of migration concentration. Data from each point is valuable, especially regarding the local needs of the birds moving through it. With the advent of new technologies and the pressing need to address the impacts of climate change and development, bird observatory operators are seeing greater value in bridging the gaps between individual sites and are working collaboratively to ask and answer bigger questions, with a goal of imparting greater impact than the sum of their individual locations.

The first IBOC was hosted by Falsterbo Bird Observatory in Sweden over four days in August of 2014. This was the first attempt to bring together representatives from the world's observatories at a single event. Over 100 participants representing 40 bird observatories from six continents gathered to share their knowledge and develop relationships that would often lead to collaboration over subsequent years. The second IBOC took place in October 2017, at New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory, and attracted more than 130 participants from all over the world. The third IBOC took place in XXX at Eliat, Israel.

IBOC 2022

The Veracruz River of Raptors Project of Pronatura Veracruz AC and Tierra de Aves A.C will be hosting the fourth IBOC in 2022 in Veracruz, Mexico. Located in the Gulf of Mexico,

The 2022 IBOC will bring leaders from the world's bird observatories and birding clubs to Veracruz, at the peak of migration, and a special effort will take place to bring as many as possible Latin-American partners to foster collaboration.

The conference will focus on monitoring and research, public outreach, and conservation challenges and victories within the context of bird observatory operations. Each day will include presentations from thought-leaders across many disciplines, lectures and lightning talks, workshops and small-group events aimed at encouraging collaboration and networking. Evening social gatherings will further enhance the collaborative nature of the event. The final day will be filled with various field excursions to the region, highlighting the importance of the area for migratory birds.

Target Audience

This conference’s target audience includes all people currently engaged in bird observatory operations, as well as those who plan to start a new bird observatory, and those organizations operating in a similar fashion; whether collecting long-term wildlife data, engaging various stakeholders with outreach material, and/or spearheading conservation efforts for wildlife and their habitats. Given the location of the 2022 IBOC, special emphasis is being placed on attracting bird observatory personnel from Mexico and Latin-American. A limited number of travel grants will be available on an application basis, with priority given to those traveling from developing countries.


We would like to invite you to become a sponsor of this exciting and important conference. Attached is a list of sponsorship opportunities at different levels. Please join us in the success of IBOC 2022!


With kind regards from Mexico

Pronatura Veracruz A.C and Tierra de Aves A.C

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