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Funding for prairie research

Chris Merkord

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offered by

Prairie Biotic Research, Inc.


We Are

Prairie Biotic Research (PBR) is an all-volunteer, Wisconsin nonprofit established in 2000 to foster basic biotic research in prairies and savannas. One way we do this is through a competitive Small Grants Program that funds grants up to $1000 to individuals for the study of any grassland taxon anywhere in the USA. We support both natural history and experimental science. We are especially eager to support independent researchers (those lacking institutional support), but anyone having a U.S. Social Security number may apply. Since 2002, we've awarded 136 grants worth $130,196 to people in 30 states to study insects, plants, mammals, reptiles, slime molds, mycorrhizal fungi, spiders, snails, amphibians, birds, invasive species, effects of management, and the human dimensions of conservation. Many of these grants supported graduate student research. In 2013, we expect to fund at least 10 grants of up to $1000 each with the donations we have received, including some restricted by donors to support research in Iowa and Wisconsin.


To Apply for a Grant

Visit our website (prairiebioticresearch.org) to learn more, to download our proposal form, instructions, and a sample researcher agreement form that winners of this competition must sign. Check out the history and overview files in the Small Grants section of the website to see what sorts of proposals have won funding in the past. Review the reports submitted by researchers of past years.

We must receive your proposal through the mail before January 6, 2013. Those who won funding in 2012 are ineligible for this funding in 2013, but those who won funding longer ago are welcome to submit proposals to further that same work or to support a new project.


Our Supporters

We are very grateful for gifts recently received from individuals, businesses, foundations and nonprofit organizations in support of our Small Grants Program: Michael Anderson, Neil Bernstein, Big Bluestem Audubon Society (Ames, IA), Andria Blattner, Stephen & Nancy Bloom, Kurt Christoffel, Rebecca Christoffel, Citizens Natural Resources Association of Wisconsin, Conservation and Research Foundation, Lloyd Crim, Robert & Nancy Dott, James E. Dutton Foundation, Marlene & Bruce Ehresman, Hildy Feen, Tamara Felden, Johanna Foster, Catherine Gimse-Owen & Robert Owen, Dorothy Haines, MJ Hatfield, Hillsdale Fund, George & Marilyn Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Herbert H. Kohl Charities, The Fred Maytag Family Foundation, Merganser Fund, The Leo Model Foundation, Emily & Richard Moore, The R. D. and Linda Peters Foundation, Ron Priest, Dennis Schlicht, Jim & Rose Sime, The Soap Opera, Glenn Teschendorf, TOSA Foundation, Laura Van Slyke, Andrew Williams, Willow Springs Foundation, Ken Wood, Dan Young.


Become a Supporter Please make a donation to support PBR. Any amount is welcome. PBR is volunteer-run so our overhead is very low. You may specify that your entire tax-deductible donation be given to researchers through our Small Grants Program, or to expand our research endowment that produces income we give away annually through this program. Please help us to help others!


Michael Anderson, Craig Brabant, Rebecca Christoffel, Linda Duever, Jaime Edwards, Brick Fevold,

Kerry Katovich, Douglas LeDoux, Victoria Nuzzo, Ursula Petersen, Dennis Schlicht,

Scott Swengel, David Voegtlin, Andrew Williams, and Daniel Young,

who comprise the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisors of Prairie Biotic Research, Inc.


"We Foster Curiosity"

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