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We are very excited to offer two art workshops during the Waterbirds conference this year! Tune in to learn how to draw a Common Eider from Anna Stunkel (November 16) and how to create scratchboard drawings from Lindsey Nielsen (November 17).

Anna Stunkle
Anna Stunkle
Anna Stunkel is an artist, environmental educator, and naturalist. She has a passion for teaching people about birds through artwork. Waterbirds have been a major inspiration in her art, especially as a student at College of the Atlantic and while studying seabirds on Petit Manan and Southeast Farallon Islands. Check out her Facebook page. Anna had the special opportunity to attend the Waterbird Society conference in 2015, and she is so excited to join again this year!
Lindsey Nielsen
Lindsey Nielsen
I have always had a curiosity for the natural world. Growing up in Montana, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife. I went on to study Human Ecology at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. There I was given the opportunity to work at the colleges two offshore Island research stations, Great Duck Island and Mount Desert Rock. Working with the seabirds on these Islands, learning to band them and think about their world, deepened my desire to learn about ecology and natural history. In my post college career, I work in a variety of remote locations as an expedition leader and naturalist. Always, alongside datasheets and maps, is my  sketchbook. Coupling my interests in ecology and art, field sketching became integral to my process of observation and inquiry. I work with scratchboard for its ability to carry detail, texture, and color. It can be an unforgiving medium, but I enjoy the challenge and the required focus and intentionality every time I sink my knife into the clay board.

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