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low-cost RFID reader humidity issues


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Hello all,

I work in the tropics where humudity is essentially omnipresent but can still vary substantially by season. The readers (first generation, home-made) functioned excellently in the dry season where humidity was relatively low, but with the onset of seasonal rains humidity spiked and we began to have issues with the readers ceasing to function. By drying them with a dehumidifier we could get them working again, but this requires at least as much time for the reader to be in the dehumidifier as in the field. We had the reader electronics and battery in a tupperware with a rubber gasket-sealing lid with a few silica gel packets. The antenna wires came out through the gasket, which theoretically seals against the wires (30AWG - pretty thin). We had almost no water in the tupperwares, but there was some scale buildup on the circuitry. Anyone have ideas on how to improve this system to keep the readers dry?

Many thanks,


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