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Audubon Starr Ranch Bird Banding Workshops 2020

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Bird Banding Workshops at Starr Ranch Spring 2020

Beginning & Advanced Banding Workshops March 14-15 and March 21-22


Audubon California’s 4000-acre Starr Ranch Sanctuary in southeast Orange County invites you to our spring bird banding workshops for adults. Starr Ranch Bird Observatory runs two long-term bird monitoring programs, one in winter and one during breeding season in spring and summer. We operate mist nets throughout the winter in order to examine the over-winter survivorship of migrant and resident bird populations on the Ranch. The MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) breeding season bird banding station is part of an international network of over 500 stations examining breeding bird populations. Because of the specialized nature of these workshops, we are asking that only serious students and potential Starr Ranch bird banding volunteers attend. The workshops will be taught by Starr Ranch ornithologist Robert Snowden, an experienced bander who has worked at multiple stations and is certified by the North American Banding Council. Space is limited.


Beginning Bird Banding Workshop – This workshop is for those with little or no bird banding experience. Participants will learn how to safely capture and release birds. They will learn how to hold, band, and take measurements on birds in the hand. Afternoon discussions will focus on bird identification, banding safety and ethics.


Dates and Times: March 14-15, 7:30 AM-3:30 PM daily

Cost: $300 or $325 if camping (BYO lunch, morning coffee & bagels provided)


Advanced Bird Banding Workshop – This workshop is for more experienced banders (banded at least 50 birds) or have taken the beginning workshop who want to take their skills to the next level. Participants will focus mainly on advanced ageing and sexing of birds in the hand. Afternoon discussions will focus on detailed analysis and understanding of the molt cycle and bird plumage characteristics, as well as advanced use of the Pyle guide.


Dates and Times: March 21-22 7:30 AM- 3:30 PM daily

Cost: $300 or $325 if camping (BYO lunch, morning coffee & bagels provided)


To reserve your space please contact Sandy DeSimone at sdesimone@audubon.org, 949-858-0309


For questions about the workshops content contact: Robert at 949-858-0309 or robert.snowden@audubon.org

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