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Increase in APHIS permit fees

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(This is not a new increase; they are phasing in the approved increases over three years. They just want to remind everyone that the second increase goes into effect at the close of business on 9/28)



NOTICE: APHIS Import Export User Fees Increase


Effective October 1, 2012, APHIS is adjusting its user fees for import and export services. The increase covers costs needed to maintain the current level of service, improve customer care, and keep up with expanding demand for import and export operations.

The new price schedule for certain services is below, and ePermits will be updated to reflect the changes. Note that all permit applications received by fax after close of business on Friday, September 28, will be processed at the new rate.

New Application

$150.00 per application

Renew Permit

$ 97.00 per application

Amend Permit

$ 75.00 per application

FBS Inspection

$512.00 per application

On-Hold Shipment

$565.00 (fee complex) per shipment

Adjustments to other user fees are listed on the Animal Health Permits Web site at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/mrpbs/fmd/vs_import_export_fees.shtml#1302.

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