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Call for Abstracts

Andrea Patterson

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Whether delicate or robust, mist nets strung across the landscape afford scientists the opportunity to conduct investigations that can only be done in the hand.  But working with mist nets isn’t the only net work that banders do . . .

Networks of researchers collaborate to collect data and draw conclusions that far surpass the scope of a single bander working in isolation.  Networks of banders connected through organizations like EBBA unite, support and educate both novice and experienced practitioners.  Social and business networks connect bird observatories to the broader community.  Join us for the 96th meeting of the Eastern Bird Banding Association as we celebrate networks of all kinds.

Submissions are being solicited for both the oral paper session and the poster session.  We are especially interested in papers that reflect some aspect of this year’s theme, and we welcome papers that involve research done by collaborative projects such as the MAPS or the SHARP programs, or the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.  We also welcome presentations highlighting the relevance of interpersonal networks, social media networks, and business networks to the banding community.  Presentations on other topics will be considered as well.

Presentations may reflect original research, summarize existing information, address the use of banding as a tool in avian research and monitoring, present improvements and innovations in banding, or explore novel ways of using banding to teach and communicate science to the public.

The scientific session will be held on 13 April (Saturday), and offers an opportunity to connect with a community of avian researchers and banders from the eastern United States and Canada.

Please submit abstracts electronically to Andrea Patterson at <andrea.j.patterson AT gmail.com>.

EBBA Presentation Announcement 2019.pdf

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