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Seeking innovative conservati​on ideas in western North America

Chris Merkord

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This came across another list I'm on:


Do you have an innovative restoration or conservation project or idea but lack the means to make it happen? I am working with a private foundation looking to help galvanize projects in western North America that break new ground, utilize new approaches, foster innovative conservation thinking, tackle difficult problems, or work in areas that have received little previous attention. We are particularly interested in projects that, if successful, would have significant potential impact, either directly by demonstrating important ecological benefits, or indirectly by pioneering new strategies that could be widely applicable in the conservation realm. Projects should be ambitious in scope and vision ($2-8 million), produce tangible, measurable, on-the-ground results within 3-5 years, and focus on key conservation issues. If research or planning is a significant component of the project, these must be supported by other funds. Sell us on your idea by submitting a brief description (no more than one page) to


Peter W. Dunwiddie, Ph.D.

University of Washington

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