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The Bird Banding Lab requests feedback about BANDIT

Fern Davies

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Many thanks to the bird banders and other BANDIT users who have already participated in the University of Baltimore survey about BANDIT. If you have not yet participated, please take 10 minutes to provide your feedback by the end of this week (details below).

The BBL is beginning the process of developing a web-based replacement for our existing data submission software, BANDIT. As part this process, we are collaborating with graduate students in the Interface Design and Information Architecture program from the University of Baltimore to get feedback from permitted banders and other BANDIT users.


Brandon Turner, a master's student from the University of Baltimore, has designed a survey to assist the BBL in redesigning a more user-friendly and effective process for submitting data by assessing the needs of current BANDIT users. You can choose whether or not to participate in this study. If you choose to participate, you may withdraw at any time.


Who should participate?

1. ALL permitted bird banders in the US and Canada, even if they do not use BANDIT themselves.

2. BANDIT users who are not permit holders, such as those who manage data for a permit holder.


What is required to participate?

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and is comprised of multiple choice and short answer questions. Please have your permit number(s) available. If you have multiple permits, please complete the survey only once to reflect your overall experience with BANDIT.


Follow this link to provide YOUR feedback on BANDIT:


(If the link does not open, you may copy and paste this into your browser?s address bar.)


P.S. This information has been distributed to all active banders in the US and Canada for which the BBL has email addresses. If someone else on your permit manages data, please complete the survey yourself and forward survey information so your data manager may provide feedback as well. 


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