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Request for Input Has Public Engagement Changed Your Scientific Research, Perspectives, or Career?

Fern Davies

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Academic scientists share similar vocabulary, approaches, values, and ways of knowing. Non-scientists who may have knowledge of analogous systems may provide fundamentally different perspectives and beneficial insights. Scientists who intentionally step out of their comfort zone to engage non-scientists may gain fresh ways of carrying out and interpreting their research.  


However, there is little documentation of these interactions. Nalini Nadkarni (University of Utah) and Doug Levey (National Science Foundation), along with a group of other scientists and communicators are documenting how interactions between scientists and non-scientists can directly benefit the research, careers, and perspectives of individual scientists. 


We seek examples from scientists at all career stages and disciplines who, through their public engagement or outreach activities with non-scientist audiences, have enhanced their research, advanced their careers, or shifted their perspectives. 


Have you directly benefitted as a scientist from engaging with the public? Are you aware of any scientific breakthroughs in the past that occurred as a result of a scientist's engagement with non-scientists? 


We welcome your example(s) of these interactions. It would be helpful if you fill out the form on the link below. You may submit the form multiple times for multiple engagement events. Your responses in any format can also be e-mailed to Caitlin Weber at caitlin.weber@utah.edu.


Please submit your responses by March 30, 2018.


Survey link


Many thanks!


Nalini M. Nadkarni

Professor, Department of Biology

University of Utah


Doug Levey

Program Director, Division of Environmental Biology

National Science Foundation




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