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USFWS e-permits? Soon?

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Effective October 2, 2017, the new USFWS eLicense system will be available for use by any individual or company that imports or exports wildlife for commercial purposes. Although the Service will continue to accept and process traditional “paper” applications for those who prefer that method of applying, we encourage importers and exporters to take advantage of the new electronic application system.
Perhaps an e-permits system is now in the pipeline? The Division of Migratory Bird Management has been working on developing an e-permits system since at least 2006. In April 2016, the OC was told, "Though we are working on setting up electronic applications for most permits, it will be many months before it is available.  Our current effort is to develop the on-line forms.  These will then be tested internally and one day be available to the public to use in lieu of paper forms."
The Division of Migratory Bird Management is severely understaffed and it is going to get worse. That situation can't be good when trying to finish and launch a major new project like e-permits. In October 2017, the Ornithological Council asked the Secretary of the Interior to allow the DMBM to hire and to give the DMBM adequate funding to complete the e-permits system.
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