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Bander Training Classes - Introductory and Advanced

Guest Andrea Patterson

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Guest Andrea Patterson

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory will be offering three bander training classes in 2018.


Our spring and fall classes each last 7 days, and are taught during each season's peak period. Mornings feature hands-on training in the field and afternoons are devoted to lectures, demonstrations and in-depth instruction. General topics covered during the 7-day sessions include: netting and trapping techniques, removal of birds from mist nets, proper handling and processing of birds (including biometrics, ageing and sexing, molt terminology, and skulling), use of the Pyle guide, permitting, relations with the public, and bander's ethics. These classes are aimed at beginning and novice banders, but because of the small class size we can tailor the experience to accommodate the needs of more experienced banders as well. Spring dates are May 13-19, and fall dates are September 24-30.  Course tuition is $500 and housing is available for an additional $125; student discounts are available.


Our summer class is an advanced molt workshop. Taught from July 21-25, this 5-day class features hands-on training in the field accompanied with in-depth discussions on aging birds especially by skull, plumage characteristics and molt; passerine and near-passerine molt sequences and strategies including a lecture specifically on woodpecker molt strategies; all aspects of the MAPS datasheet; and a comparison of the traditional Humphey-Parkes age classification system with the newer Wolfe-Ryder-Pyle cycle-based age classification system.  The class is set to coincide the peak of juvenile fledging and dispersal and the onset of adult molt.  Course tuition is $200 and housing is available for an additional $50.


All courses are taught by NABC certified trainers, and are excellent preparation for eventual NABC certification.


Questions should be directed to Andrea Patterson.  



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