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Student activities NAOC Vancouver 2012

Andrea Norris

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Student activities NAOC Vancouver 2012


There will be a number of student events held during NAOC-V.


These events will include:


A Student-Professional Ornithologist Social, where students will have the opportunity to meet other students and professionals in their field of study;


A Student Quiz Bowl in which students compete in a Jeopardy-style game to test their ornithology skills, and;


One or More Workshops that will be relevant to students.


If you have any other ideas for student events, or would like to volunteer on the Student Affairs Committee to help organize these events, please contact Andrea Norris: andrea.norris@alumni.ubc.ca.

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A new student event has been added by Partners-In-Flight.



Careers in Bird Conservation – What does it take to get started?


Monday, 13 August 2012, 13:00-17:00, Gage Multimedia Room in Gage Towers Commons


The purpose of this session is to inform BS, MS and PhD students about the real-world experiences of those who work in bird conservation with federal agencies, state agencies, and a variety of non-governmental organizations. There will be brief presentations by individuals who have recently been hired and by those who do the hiring. Both groups will cover questions such as, How do you get your foot in the door? What skills do employers look for? Why do you think you were hired over your competition? Which of your skills have been most important? What do you actually do day-to-day in the job? What skills do you wish you had? The format will consist of a panel with each member giving a short (5-10 min) presentation. But plenty of time will be allowed for questions and discussion.


The session will be followed by a social at Mahony & Sons Public House (http://mahonyandsons.com/) where refreshments will be provided. The session is being organized by Partners in Flight. Contact Terry Rich (terry_rich@fws.gov) with any questions or suggestions.


Panel Members – All confirmed


John Alexander – Klamath Bird Observatory

Amber Oneal – BonTerra Consulting

David Hanni – Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory

Stacy L. Small-Lorenz – Environmental Defense Fund

Rosa Marie Vidal – Pronatura

Humberto Berlanga – CONABIO

Ken Rosenberg – Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Carol Beardmore – Sonoran Joint Venture

Allison Vogt – Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Chris Rimmer – Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Andrew Rothman – American Bird Conservancy

Joelle Gehring – Michigan State University Extension

Wendy Easton – Canadian Wildlife Service

Tom Will – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Wayne Thogmartin – U.S. Geologic Survey

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