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Human Dimensions Success Stories in Bird Conservation

Ellen Paul

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Human Dimensions Success Stories in Bird Conservation


Please help us by submitting your human dimensions success stories in bird conservation!


The greater bird conservation community has identified a need for human dimensions success stories to be collected, organized, and shared with the community. As such, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Human Dimensions Subcommittee has volunteered to take on this project and we've created the following Google form to help collect and characterize the success stories where human dimensions/social science has been used to benefit bird conservation.


For the purposes of this data collection, success is defined as some sort of management, program (or approach), monitoring or conservation status change in response to considering/collecting the HD information. For example, what changed after HD information was collected?


Thank you in advance for helping us with this exciting and useful project! Authors will be contacted before success stories are posted.


The following link provides an example of how to complete the form. Feel free to submit multiple success stories by completing 1 form per success story.


Please feel free to send any papers and additional products related to your story to Ashley Gramza, NABCI Human Dimensions Subcommittee Co-Chair and National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator, agramza@vt.edu


 Please Share Widely,


Tom Will
Migratory Bird Biology Coordinator, Midwest Region
Co-Chair, Tri-Initiative Science Team (TriST)


Bird Cons Success Stories - Form Example.pdf

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