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New International Group Formed to Address Science Funding Issues

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(From the American Institute of Biological Sciences)


New International Group Formed to Address Science Funding Issues


Fifty nations have joined together to form the Global Research Council (GRC), a new international body that aims to find common ground on issues faced by government agencies that fund research. The organization is a “voluntary…virtual organization” that will enable discussion of “shared goals, aspirations, and principles, and provide a vehicle to unify science across the globe,” according to Dr. Subra Suresh, director of the National Science Foundation and a member of the organization.


The group has already tackled the issue of merit review of grant proposals. Six key principles are outlined in a short paper produced by the GRC. According to the document, the report is meant to foster international cooperation among science funding agencies by outlining agreed upon core principles for review of research proposals. Second, the document can serve as a resource for nations that are just developing new research funding mechanisms.


The GRC plans to address two other issues of joint concern in this year: defining research integrity and promoting open access to scientific information.

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