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Tuesday 4th April - Friday 7th April 2017

Venue: Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Pl=F6n, Germany


We are pleased to announce that a symposium on the Genetics of Migration
will be held at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology (Pl=F6n,
Germany) in spring 2017 (April 4th-7th).

The aim of the symposium is to bring together a multi-disciplinary group
of scientists working on the ecology, genomics, epigenetics, evolutionary
theory and biostatistics of animal migration. The development of next
generation sequencing technology and improvements in tracking the movement
of migratory species is certain to advance this field of science in the
coming years so now is an excellent time to synthesize what we currently
understand about the genetic basis of migration as well as highlight
future avenues of research. The symposium will be based on a series
of talks, posters, workshops and discussions and will encompass a wide
range of migratory taxa including birds, fish and insects.

Keynote speakers:

Jochen Wolf - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Claudia Bank -
Gulbenkian Institute Guojie Zhang - Beijing Genomics Institute/University
of Copenhagen Melinda Baerwald - University of California, Davis Nancy
Chen - University of California, Davis Christine Merlin - Texas A&M

There are 50 spots available for the symposium.

Please register before DECEMBER 1ST at https://genmig.wordpress.com/

Any queries please email the organising committee (Miriam Liedvogel,
Kira Delmore, Christopher Jones) at mailto:genmig@evolbio.mpg.de

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