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Partners in Flight releases 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan

Cara J

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Partners in Flight recently released their 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan, presenting vulnerability assessments for bird species across Canada and the United States. Partners in Flight (PIF) is a network of over 150 partners from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that engage in landbird conservation across North America. The partners collaborate on science, policy, management, data analyses, and recommendations for international bird conservation. PIF’s 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan uses data from both countries to determine species vulnerability. The report does so by evaluating risks across the birds’ full life-cycles, ultimately providing comprehensive and long-sighted recommendations for conservation efforts. Population size, breeding and nonbreeding distribution, population loss, and continental-scale threats (e.g. urbanization and climate change) were among the factors that PIF used to calculate a species’ vulnerability for decline and extinction. PIF also recognizes that migratory birds depend on multiple habitats for their survival, and thus determined for each species regions of highest importance for breeding and wintering grounds. Models predicted year-round abundance, illustrating temporal and geographical distribution of birds across North America. Data was sourced from eBird, a real-time, public database of bird observations from across the globe. These analyses resulted in the PIF Watch List that identifies 86 species as [...]


Read more: http://wildlife.org/partners-in-flight-releases-2016-landbird-conservation-plan/

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