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Birds of Kerala: status and distribution

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Birds of Kerala: status and distribution

C. Sashikumar, Praveen J, Muhammed Jafer Palot, and PO Nameer

Paper | 2011 | $58.05 | Rs 995 | ISBN: 9788126429219
885 pp. | 22 cm | color illustrations, color maps

Well-written, meticulously produced and lavishly illustrated in colour—this book is a fascinating and most updated publication on the bird community of the Kerala state in southern India. With lots of details,, it covers a total of 502 species of birds, adding more than 100 species to those listed in the latest previous publication. The introductory part of the book covers history of ornithology of Kerala, biographical notes of concerned ornithologists, ecology of Kerala, and an overview of the bird communities of Kerala. Other value added features of the include: a glossary of terms, a list of useful contacts, indexes of scientific and English names, a set of appendices with additional information, and an exhaustive bibliography of almost all the published works on Kerala birds.

All of the four authors of the book are among the most talented and technically-sound ornithologists of India.
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