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Summer camp teaches high schoolers about ruffed grouse

Cara J

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The Wildlife Society is committed to fostering the careers of wildlife biology students of all ages. Gabrielle Dodson, a freshman at Ferndale Area High School in Johnstown, Pa., recently had the opportunity to learn more about wildlife — ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) in particular — during a week-long summer camp. The following is her account and reflection on her experience. Last summer, I attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy, a week-long summer camp sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education. The activities during the week focused on ruffed grouse ecology. The experience benefited me in many ways. Not only did I become more aware of the environment and learn all about ruffed grouse, I met some really amazing people and developed skills that I will use throughout my lifetime. Many kids attend summer camps every year, but this camp was very different. It wasn’t all fun and games at the Wildlife Leadership Academy. About 40 other campers and I were there to learn about wildlife. Every morning around 6 a.m., we woke up and reported to cadences — or morning marches — before breakfast. This structured schedule taught us the importance of being neat and tidy, and on time. The [...]


Read more: http://wildlife.org/summer-camp-teaches-high-schoolers-about-ruffed-grouse/

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