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Recommendations for small, portable field speaker

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Hi all,

We are upgrading some of our field gear, and we're looking for recommendations on a field portable speaker.  We already have Pignose/Mineroff amplified field speakers for experimental work where frequency response of the speaker is a bit important. Now, we're looking some a small, hand-held speaker for broadcasting bird songs/calls for census purposes (or for capturing birds at mist nets). Usually, finding such equipment is easy, but we're having so much trouble that we thought that a bit of crowd-sourcing is be necessary.


We are looking for something similar to the following: http://tinyurl.com/z5kqazk. The specific criteria for the portable speaker are as follows:

- Dimensions about 7" x 4" x 3" (hand-sized)

- microSD/TF card

- AAA or AA batteries (ideal for fieldwork, but internal lithium-ion, rechargeable might be necessary)

- water-resistant or waterproof

- loud enough to carry sound through tropical forest understory (5-8W output); for small speakers, this usually involves dual 3.5W speakers within the unit

- track repeat

- no obnoxious voice notification that the unit has powered on or the mode has been switched (absolutely critical!); nothing like having an obnoxious voice yelling at you in the peaceful forest

- "wireless" solution (i.e. it must be self-contained; we don't want to attach an iPod or anything else to the unit).


If any of you are currently using (or have heard about) a field speaker that meets these criteria, we would love to know about it! 


Many thanks in advance,

Patrick Kelley








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