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waterproofing antennas


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Here's a question that came as an email:



Initially they worked perfectly, however we had a period of very heavy rain and now though the electronics within the waterproof containers are still operating, my antennae are no longer working. I'm thinking that this is due to water stuck inside the circle of wire. I understand you are behind the design and construction of these feeders - what I'm wondering is what you used to coat the circle of wire making up your antennae. 

After looking closely at your video I can only guess it's some kind of plastic - hot glue? I've since taken them down and I'm drying them out, looking for a way to waterproof them in the meantime. 
Any suggestions you can offer would be great, the feeders themselves are such great idea and a really simple, noninvasive way to collect a lot of data about feeder birds! Thanks so much for your time.


I've heard about antenna's being vulnerable to water from other sources too. To waterproof them I'll usually dip them in epoxy or in plastidip (tool dip). In both cases it's a messy job. A colleague of mine uses expoxy putty that you can mold with your fingers. That might be a neater option, but I haven't tried it.

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