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Call for Symposia and Round-Table Discussions

The 6th North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) is now requesting proposals for half-day, full-day, and lightning-style symposia and round-table discussions to occur at the conference. Proposals are due by 1 December 2015.

We seek to have a suite of thematic sessions at NAOC 2016 that provides in-depth exploration of a wide range of timely topics and that highlights the importance of, and the exciting new advances in, ornithological research and conservation. We wish to see ornithologists and conservationists come together in round-table discussions for discourse, debate and planning for future work. Proposals for symposia, lightning symposia, and round-table discussions that emphasize the theme of NAOC 2016 (Bringing Science and Conservation Together) are especially encouraged.






Symposia provide an opportunity to bring together invited experts to share their results and experience related to a new or timely topic in ornithology. We anticipate the ability to accommodate >20 symposia at NAOC 2016. The talks within a symposium should be focused around a central theme and allow for thorough coverage of that theme with only minimal overlap in content among talks.  Organizers may request half- or full- day sessions; morning sessions permit six 15-min timeslots and afternoon sessions permit twelve 15-min timeslots. Talks should be multiples of 15-min and each symposium should include a summary or panel discussion as the final 1-2 timeslots.

Lightning symposia consist of pre-timed 5-minute invited talks during the evening that address a common theme/question in ornithology and conservation. These 1-hour lightning-style symposia (eight 5-min talks with 10-min discussion after each set of four talks) will be concurrent with the two evening poster sessions on Wednesday and Thursday nights in rooms that open into the poster exhibit hall. The organizer(s) of a thematic lightning symposia will ensure that all talks are preset to 5 min with slides advancing automatically. Lightning symposia may address any concept, theme, question related to ornithology, and they may (or may not) include light-hearted, humor-infused treatments of ornithological topics.


Round-table discussions are generally open meetings that provide opportunities for individuals interested in a specific topic to meet in a programmed time and place to converse on future directions or generate planning documents. Round-tables are not intended to include presentations (audio/visual support will not be provided) but rather encourage group participation.  Additionally, round-tables allow exploration on specialized topics that are expected to generate lower attendance than a typical symposium. These events are likely to occur in the evening. 






Proposals for symposia, lightning symposia, and round-table discussions should be 1-3 pages (WORD or PDF; in English) and specify the following:


1. Type of event (symposium, evening lightning symposium, or round-table discussion)

2. Title of event (theme or question)

3. Name, affiliation, and contact information for the organizer(s)

4. Preferred duration

5. A description (500 word maximum) of the objectives and topics to be covered during the symposium
If a symposium or lightning symposium, also include:

6. Rationale for why the symposium is timely and why it would be interesting to a large number of attendees

7. Names and affiliations of invited speakers with suggested title of talk

8. Preference for morning, afternoon, full-day, or evening lightning symposium


Event organizers and invited speakers are expected to pay for full conference registration and be responsible for their own travel expenses. The symposium organizer(s) will be responsible for inviting and confirming attendance by prospective speakers at their symposium.


All proposals for symposia or round-table discussions must be received by 1 December 2015Send them to the NAOC 2016 Scientific Program Committee Chair (Courtney Conway, via email to cconway@uidaho.edu) with the subject NAOC 2016 Symposium Proposal


Contact the Committee Chair with any questions or concerns.




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