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Do you use QR codes to communicate your research or science?


I'm working on a group project for a seminar titled "Communicating Science" and we're gathering information about how QR (quick-response) codes are being used to communicate science.


If anyone on Ornithology Exchange has used or is using QR codes to communicate their research or about science, I'd really appreciate hearing from you! It'd be especially helpful if you have a picture of how you're using your QR code you'd be willing to share (e.g. on a scientific publication? A poster? Someone scanning your code?), as we're trying to compile photo examples of QR codes being used to communicate science. We'll give credit for any pictures we receive, and a brief summary about how you're using QR codes to disseminate your work would be hugely helpful.


We will show a draft of our findings to our peers next Wednesday, October 7, so receiving pictures/information by then would be best.


Should anyone be interested in what we've found thus far, we've posted an article on EcoPress, http://nrelscience.org/ (article titled "Link and Learn"), describing how to create and use QR codes to communicate science and will post a more complete article with our findings by the end of the year.


Thanks so much in advance for your time and help, we greatly appreciate it!


Kristin Davis

Graduate Research Assistant

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

Colorado State University

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