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Fern Davies

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Don't miss it! Ornithologist Auriel Fournier leads the @realscientists chat. Find out what it is really like to work in wetlands, studying rails, about wetland management, and keeping your vehicles running! And the need to take time off even from this amazingly wonderful work...




From An interview with AurielMy current work focuses on wetland management and bird migration, specifically the migration of rails. Myself and my collaborators are trying to understand how the management of wetland during fall migration impacts rails. Rails are a group of wetland obligate birds which are very elusive and rarely seen as they are not often vocal and rarely fly unless approached. Many of the wetlands in the central U.S. are managed to provide habitat for migratory waterfowl (ducks and geese) and we are currently assuming that by managing for waterfowl we are also providing habitat for other species. My project is examining that assumption and providing managers with the information they need to manage for both waterfowl and rails.



Of particular interest: How to apply for a field job



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