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R 'unmarked' package version 0.11-0 released

Chris Merkord

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An update of the R package 'unmarked', version 0.11, has been released.  


This update is NOT YET available on CRAN but can be downloaded here: https://sites.google.com/site/unmarkedinfo/home/pre-releases Hoperfully this will be up on CRAN sometime in the next week but there seems to be some technical issues yet to resolve before they let the new version through. The maintainer is working on it.


All changes can be found here: https://github.com/rbchan/unmarked/commits/master.


Summary of new features/bug fixes in Version 0.11-0

  • Andy Royle is the new maintainer 

  • Added Rebecca Hutchinson's penalized likelihood function occuPEN

  • fixed bug in gmultmix to accommodate mixed sampling protocols (NA in count frequency vector is not counted in the constraint that multinomial cell probabilities sum to 1)

  • Changed variable 'ufp' to 'ufc' in ovenbird data and related functions.

  • Removed constraint in pcountOpen that lambdaformula==omegaformula

  • Fixed bug in gdistsamp that caused error when NAs were present in half-normal model

  • Fixed bug in ranef (it was giving an error message for pcountOpen with the new dynamics options (Ricker and Gompertz) and working incorrectly for pcountOpen with immigration)

  • Fixed bug in pcountOpen that occurred when covariates were time varying but not varying among sites

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