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ABC Seeking Information on Poorly-sited Wind Energy Projects

Chris Merkord

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Dear Bird Conservation Partners:
ABC is in the process of identifying the worst-sited wind energy projects in the United States from the perspective of bird conservation.  Wind turbines have the potential to kill substantial numbers of birds and bats. Their construction can also cause habitat destruction and disturb wildlife so that they abandon the area.
While we support alternative energy as one means to address climate change, we also believe that it must be done right.  Wind energy projects need to be sited properly where they do not pose a major threat to birds and bats, particularly federally-protected species.  This means avoiding sensitive areas for birds, including key breeding habitat, migratory bottlenecks, stop-over sites, and sensitive bird habitats, such as marshes. 
Do you know of a proposed wind energy project in your local area that could pose a significant threat to endangered species, eagles or migratory birds?  If so, please let us know about it. Ideal would be information on the project’s location, size of the project (number of turbines and height), location in relation to important bird habitats, including parks and IBAs, presence of federally-protected species, and the name of the developer, if available. 
Please contact Michael Hutchins, Director, Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign at mhutchins@abcbirds.org.

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